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Does Proactiv Work?


We must be asked at least once a day about Proactiv and all of its copycats. What I respond with is, “well, it’s a good start.” There is good science behind Proactiv and that is why it works for some people. But for the rest of you, have you noticed that it stops working after about three weeks? Why is this?


For the most part, Proactiv skin care products just are not strong enough for people with stubborn acne. Or, it may be strong enough at first, but then the skin actually “gets used” to that regimen. Once the skin adapts to a regimen, it will stop responding. To get clear skin, you need to adjust the regimen about every two weeks so the skin does not get used to the products.


Since Proactiv never gets to see your skin or talk to you about how your skin is reacting or adapting, they can't very well recommend the products strong enough to get rid of difficult acne condition. They basically give the same products to everyone. We believe in a customized approach to acne management. Certain ingredients are better for certain types of acne. Also, people can have different reactions to potent products – and it takes potent products to get your skin clear.


If you don't have an acne specialist guiding you through the process of getting rid of your acne, you will either:


  • 1. Not have the best acne products for your type of acne, and/or,


  • 2. The products will be too strong and you will get irritated/dehydrated skin. Most people abandon using products at this point.


Bottom line: Get the right acne products for your skin and acne type. Let a Face Reality Acne Specialist guide you in using them correctly so you can get clear skin as quickly as possible!


Content provided courtesy of Face Reality Acne Clinic




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