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My Skin Transformation

The pictures below are of my own skin, when my acne was at it's worst in 2014.  If you hover over the photos you will see how my skin transformed.  None of these photos have been edited, retouched or photoshopped.   

My Story

My name is Holly, and I struggled with acne for over 17 years.

I still remember the early days when my acne started.  It was shortly after I had hit puberty and everything in my body was changing, including my skin.  My acne was always very red, inflamed and usually painful.  I was always embarrassed by my skin and at times would just look in the mirror and cry. Desperate for relief I had tried what felt like everything in my power to clear my skin with very little success.  Antibiotics, prescription creams, Proactiv, over-the-counter products, microderm, chemical peels, laser treatments, but nothing seemed to help. In 2011 I decided to go to school to become an Esthetician.  My goal was to be able to help other people feel confident in their skin, but even more importantly, for me to feel confident in my own skin.  Even after completing the program my skin was still constantly broke out.  It wasn't until I found the Face Reality program that my skin finally started to improve.  I became a Face Reality Acne Specialist in January 2015 and I was my own 1st client.  It took my skin about 4 months to clear and I still have a ways to go with the scarring and hyperpigmentation, but for the 1st time in a LONG time, I'm not ashamed of my skin!  


Skincare to me is about so much more than treating someone's skin. It is about treating the whole self so that people can look in the mirror and feel beautiful from the inside out. My hope is that through effective treatment and compassionate support, every client of mine reaches a place where they can face the world and feel confident and beautiful in their own skin!




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