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acne bootcamp faq

  • What is Acne Bootcamp?
    There are 3 major components of our Acne Bootcamp that are essential to you achieving clear skin. Clients who are committed to all parts of the program experience the best results. - Lifestyle Adjustments—This is the most important part of the program that will help you achieve and maintain clear skin for life! The lifestyle adjustments we recommend help address the common aggravating factors of acne, treat it from the inside out, and create habits to keep you clear long-term. Lifestyle adjustments that affect acne will be discussed during your Acne Program Consultation, and may include changes to daily habits, food, cosmetics, and more. - Products—You’ll receive a full routine of clinical-grade acne products to be used at home morning and night. I will perform a Sensitivity Test during your consultation to determine what your skin can tolerate, and this will help me develop the best product routine for you. My intention is to develop a routine that will help clear your acne without causing dryness or irritation. I will teach you exactly how to use your products, and make periodic adjustments to keep challenging your acne-prone skin. - Treatments—Treatments are highly recommended every 2 weeks in order to exfoliate the skin, extract existing acne impactions, and kill acne bacteria inside the pore. Photos will be taken periodically to document, evaluate, and celebrate your progress.
  • What happens during the Acne Consultation?
    During the Acne Consultation, we will discuss your acne history and dive deep into what may be causing your breakouts. I will talk about how acne forms, what aggravates it, and what we can do to clear it. I’ll analyze your skin and perform a sensitivity test to determine your skin type, acne type, and skin tolerance. I’ll provide recommendations for the products and treatments you’ll need to get clear, and discuss lifestyle adjustments that will improve your acne. Everything we discuss during the consultation will be available to you in the online Acne Client Portal on my website at any time.
  • What happens during an Acne Treatment?
    During your treatment sessions, you'll receive either an enzyme treatment or a light skin peel. Don't worry! These peels are absolutely fabulous at creating positive changes in your skin while not leaving you red, irritated, or with tons of peeling skin. Most people will either experience a little mild flakiness in isolated areas in the days following a treatment, and many will experience no noticeable flaking at all. After your enzyme or light skin peel, I'll perform professional extractions. These extractions help to purge material from your skin and expedite the clearing process. I am not aggressive with extractions and do my best to make the process as comfortable as possible. As you continue to use your recommended home care products, and receive your professional acne treatments, extractions will become easier and easier as the material in your skin breaks up and exits your pores more easily. During your bi-monthly visits, we'll also go over any challenges you're experiencing while on the program and celebrate your victories, then I'll make necessary adjustments to your acne-clearing home care regimen and provide you with a handout to follow for the next two weeks. We will repeat this process during each of your professional acne treatment sessions.
  • What does the Acne Bootcamp cost?
    Below is the pricing structure for the Acne Bootcamp. If you know that you're serious and ready to get clear skin, the Consultation + Treatment option is the best way to begin. -Consultation with Treatment - $100 Best option for those who are serious and ready to get started! -Consultation only - $50 If you choose not to move foward, the consultation fee is non-refundable, but all of the information and documents are yours to keep! -Follow-Up Treatment - $60 It typically takes about 6-8 treatments over a 3-4 month period of time to see results.
  • How much do the products cost?
    On average, you can expect to spend $170-$200 on your initial set of products (6-7 items). This is a full and comprehensive, customized product regimen. You'll be taught how to use your products, how often to use them, and how much to use! Most of the products will last roughly 8-12 weeks depending on the product and the regimen that you are placed on. The active ingredient products are purposefully put in smaller containers as these may be strengthened at different points in your treatment plan. The individual pricing of the products varies from $21-$49.
  • Do I have to use your products? / Can I use my current skincare products? / Can I use some of my products and some of yours?
    Yes, using the products that are recommended to you during your initial appointment is part of the program. Your customized home care routine is critical to the clearing of your skin. Outside products, or mixing/matching your products is not recommended with the program. Clients need to invest in the full recommended product routine, and need to follow our product routine instructions exactly, in order to achieve results
  • How long will my skin take to get clear?
    Most cases clear in 3 to 4 months. Acne takes up to 90 days to form, so it takes at least 90 days to see improvement while participating in the Acne Bootcamp. While most cases clear in 3 to 4 months, results may vary. Results take time and patience, and truly depend on the severity of your acne and your adherence to the whole program. Do not be discouraged if your results take longer to achieve, your skin is worth the time and patience!
  • Will my acne get worse before it gets better?
    Some clients experience purging—extra breakouts and inflammation—in the beginning of the Acne Bootcamp. If you purge, it doesn’t mean the program isn’t working. It means you’ve had acne forming under the surface this whole time (remember acne takes up to 90 days to form), and your new product routine is helping these breakouts reach the surface at a faster rate. Once the breakouts reach the surface, your products and treatments will help clear them. Every client is different, not all clients experience purging. If you experience purging, I can assure you that it’s a normal part of the acne-clearing process and you’ll get through it!
  • Will I need to change my diet?
    Although this is not a dietary program, I will go over certain foods that may be contributing to the severity of your breakouts. You'll be provided a simple list of the key foods (these aren't always what you may think!) that can be problematic for acne prone skin so you can make informed decisions regarding your dietary choices.
  • What is the youngest age that you take clients?
    We will take clients at whatever age they are breaking out. Acne does not discriminate – neither do we. With that being said, teenagers can be harder to clear due to hormones, lifestyle habits, extracurricular schedules and compliance with all the parts of the program. Clear skin is definitely still possible, but the road to clear for teens/minors can sometimes be longer and more difficult. Minors need to be accompanied by an adult and guardians need to give consent to Pure Skincare & Acne Spa in-order to treat minors.
  • Can I do the Acne Bootcamp if I am pregnant and/or breastfeeding?
    Yes the Acne Bootcamp is safe for pregnancy and/or breastfeeding clients, but a few adjustments must be made. First, I will need a note from your doctor that details what ingredients need to be avoided—it’s typically recommended to stay away from Salicylic Acid, Vitamin A, and TCA chemical peels. Achieving clear skin while pregnant and/or breastfeeding is definitely possible, but the road to clear is often longer and more difficult with pre- and post-pregnancy hormones.
  • Can I workout after a treatment?
    No, especially if you have a peel during your treatment, you cannot sweat or exercise for 24 hours after a treatment.
  • Do extractions make my face red? What about if I have a special event coming up? When should I book my appointment?
    Most people are slightly pink or red after extractions – there’s no way around it. After extractions, redness will usually fade within 30 minutes to a couple of hours. Depending on the type of acne that you have and your skin’s sensitivity, this may take a bit longer to subside. So, just to be safe, I recommend planning ahead and making sure you do not have a special event immediately after getting a treatment.
  • Can I still get my brow or lip waxed while getting Acne Treatments?
    I offer brow, lip, and facial waxing at PURE Skincare & Acne Spa and can perform these services on the same day as your Acne Treatment. All waxing will be done first, then the waxed areas will be avoided during your Acne Treatment. If you choose to receive brow, lip, and facial waxing elsewhere, I recommend one week between waxing and Acne Treatments and ask that you update me as to when you last received waxing before the start of any of your Acne Treaments so I can make any necessary adjustmants to your treatment.
  • Am I going to have to use these products forever?
    You will most likely need to use products to control your acne until you outgrow your acne; and unfortunately, no one is able to predict or guarantee exactly when that will happen. Most people do outgrow their acne as they move through the different stages of life, so you may have to use the products for quite a while to manage your acne, but most likely not forever.
  • Do you treat acne scars?
    There are many different types of acne scars. If your scars resemble dark, pink, or red spots that are left behind after an acne lesion heals, I can definitely help with that! These scars are actually a form hyperpigmentation, specifically Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). This type of scarring will be treated along with your active acne throughout the Acne Program. Your active acne will clear first, then the PIH will follow. Note—we do not currently offer treatments for pitted acne scars.
  • Will antibiotics clear up my acne?
    Unfortunately, it’s a growing trend for doctors to prescribe antibiotics or Accutane to patients without providing alterative options or addressing the root causes of acne. Antibiotics tend to work for a time on some acne, but only deals with the bacteria associated with acne, not the main issue of excess skin cells. Therefore, once you stop taking the antibiotic, your acne will usually come right back. It is also not safe to take antibiotics long-term.
  • What about Accutane?
    Accutane is a very powerful drug with dangerous side effects that can last long after you have stopped taking the drug. It dries you out from the inside and can leave you with permanently dry, sensitive skin. Additional side effects include possible birth defects, depression, psychosis, Crohn’s disease, internal organ damage, muscle and bone loss, central nervous system damage and immune system disorders – to name a few. Often, acne returns after stopping Accutane and multiple rounds can be required. If you are considering going on Accutane, please consult an acne specialist and consider your options first! If you have been on Accutane recently, we will need to wait 6 months to be able to start any treatments.
  • Do you accept insurance
    No, PURE Skincare & Acne Spa does not take traditional medical insurance as I am not a medical office. You may be able to use your Health Spending Account (HSA) but I recommend that you check with your plan prior to your appointment to be sure.
  • What happens if I can't make it to one of my bi-monthly appointments?
    If you cannot make one of your bi-monthly appointments, you'll still need to communicate with me via email or text to have your home care program adjusted. These bi-monthly regimen adjustments are a key component of your success in getting clear skin. Should you be unable to come in for an appointment, I'll ask you to send me photos of your skin and will have some key questions for you so that I may determine how your regimen should be adjusted.
  • I'm ready to get started!  What do I do next?
    To set up your consultation and/or first treatment you can book online by simply clicking book now at the top of the page. Please take a moment to fill out the Acne Consultation Form (located under the New Client Forms tab) prior to your first appointment. Have more questions? Feel free to call or text me at (989) 307-9369.
  • What if I don't feel the Acne Bootcamp is a good fit for me?
    No worries! I realize the Acne Bootcamp is not the best fit for everyone. If that’s the case, I recommend scheduling a Pure Pore Cleansing Facial instead. This is designed for the person that doesn't want to commit to the Acne Bootcamp or regular Acne Treatments but needs a quick clean up of their skin.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers. Please take the time to read through any relevant questions and answers that may pertain to you. This will give you a better idea of what the program involves and whether or not it will be a good fit for you.

If you have any additional questions or are unclear about anything,  please don't hesitate to contact me and I’ll be happy to help!

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